Not exactly an art director


Thinking, creating, breaking rules, re-engineering what we do everyday, challenging the status quo, breaking through boredom, defying what is expected… That’s what makes me love my job, what gives meaning to all those hours of hard work, taking care of every detail, overcoming every “no” we stumble on.

Although I do not like labels, I guess “art director” is what best defines what I do every day, or at least it helps people to get an idea about me. But I would rather prefer a broader definition like “Creative”, “Thinker” or “Specialist in solving communication problems ” -ok, maybe the latter was too long-.

During the last ten years I have had the pleasure of working in advertising with some of the best minds in the business, helping top brands to bring to light the best of themselves, surpass their competition and better reach their public… and make more money? Yeah, that too.

Some of these clients have been international ones like:

Coke, Disney, Jeep, Fiat, RTVE, GolTV, Nokia, Movistar, Repsol, Kenwood, Oxfam, Marlboro, Orange or Amstel Beer.

And national ones too:

Spanish National Lottery, Vips, Renfe, Spanish Red Cross, Yellow Pages Spain, Público or Indo.

I’ve also offered my best craft and expertise, as en employee or freelance, for ad agencies like:

Leo Burnett, McCann Erickson, Shackleton, Grey, G2 and Euro RSCG, Euro 4DMPG (now Havas Group).




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